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About the podcast

Physics is one of the core sciences. It studies matter, motion, energy, force, and how these all relate and behave in our universe. The history of physics, of course, looks at the development of physics throughout history, usually starting with the ancient Greeks, and going up to the present day. The philosophy of physics studies the most fundamental questions underlying modern physics. Investigating topics like the nature of time or probability.

In this podcast, I will combine both history and philosophy in what I hope to be an interesting overview of the wonderful world of physics!

About the host

I (Teagan) hold an Associate of Arts Degree from Okanagan College and graduated in 2020 from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science Degree (physics major, philosophy minor). I’m currently doing a year of non-degree studies at UBC, taking undergraduate and graduate courses in philosophy, and plan to start a Master’s in the philosophy of physics in Autumn 2021.

In the meantime, starting up this podcast was one of my self-isolation projects and I hope to continue it for many years to come!

During the rest of my spare time, I’m an advocate for gender equity in STEM as the founder and current president of the UBC Young Women for STEM, I narrate books on Facebook, and I love watching British crime dramas!

Photo by Julia Badayeva

About the Music

The intro and outro music was composed and performed on guitar by Kieran Kitchener.

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