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Latest episode:

Episode 10: It’s Elementary

This episode is about Empedocles, who tried to solve the Parmenidean problem in a different way than his near contemporaries – the atomists. Empedocles launched the ancient Greek theory of the four classical elements (earth, air, fire, and water). You can listen to the episode here.

Announcement – Season 2

Hello again! It’s been a while (sorry!), but I am finally back to producing podcast episodes and will start releasing them in a couple of weeks. This short announcement will have a bit more information about the (seasonal) release schedule for Season 2 and my exciting news about school next year 😀 You can listenContinue reading “Announcement – Season 2”

Bonus Episode 3: Gender and Sexual Orientation Among STEM Nobel Prize Laureates

This is a recording of the talk I gave at the UBC Gender Equity & STEM Virtual Conference on November 14, 2020. Abstract: One of the most famous awards in history, the Nobel prizes are given for the most important academic, cultural, and scientific advances around the world. Nobel laureates are some of the topContinue reading “Bonus Episode 3: Gender and Sexual Orientation Among STEM Nobel Prize Laureates”

Episode 8: To Infinity and Absurdity

This episode is on Zeno of Elea (born c. 490 BCE) – student of Parmenides, namesake of the quantum Zeno effect, and originator of some puzzling paradoxes. I’ll focus on Zeno’s arguments against plurality and his paradoxes of motion as recorded by Simplicius and Aristotle. You can listen to the episode here.

Episode 7: He Never Changes His Mind

This episode focuses primarily on Parmenides (6th – mid-5th century BCE), the “Father of Metaphysics”. He believed that a lot of what we see and believe in (concepts such as creation and movement) are actually an illusion and that reality is unchanging. I’ll discuss Parmenides’s theory, argument, and influence and take some side-trips into theContinue reading “Episode 7: He Never Changes His Mind”

Bonus Episode 1: The Most Epic Math Club Ever

This is a bonus episode on Pythagoreanism, AKA the Most Epic Math Club Ever. A religious cult and school of mathematics combined, Pythagoreanism has had a lasting impact on science and philosophy. I’ll discuss the religious influences on Pythagoreanism, early Pythagorean beliefs, some of the most famous early Pythagoreans, its link to medieval European education,Continue reading “Bonus Episode 1: The Most Epic Math Club Ever”

Episode 4: All That Matter(s) Part 2

This episode continues Part 1’s discussion of the first Greek philosophers with Anaximander (“father of cosmology”) and Anaximenes (sadly, no catchy title) of Miletus. You can listen to the episode here.

Episode 3: All That Matter(s) Part 1

This episode and the following episode focus on the beginnings of Western philosophy in the Ionian city of Miletus. Part 1 dives in with Thales, the first known philosopher of the Greek tradition. I also have an exciting announcement at the end about the upcoming Intelligent Speech Conference! You can listen to the episode here.

Episode 2: How to Philosophy??

This is another background episode, covering some “philosophy for science” that I think will be important. It focuses mainly on logic (deduction, induction) and the analysis of arguments. You can listen to the episode here.

Episode 0: Introduction

Welcome to The History and Philosophy of Physics Podcast! This episode is just a short introduction to the topic and why I was interested in starting up this project.  Listen to the episode here.

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